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The New Breed Series

The Premise:  500 years ago, an alien artifact invited humanity to colonize its habitat in a distant solar system.  Today, the first human fleets are arriving.  As their cultures clash, the colonists discover the artifact’s benevolent offer is not what it seems.

The Books:

The Tears of Things (Book 1) – Published June 2012

The Last Resort (Book 2) – Publication indefinitely delayed due to lack of interest.  Unfortunately, the genre of space opera is less popular than I originally assumed.  My Participants series received far more attention, so I am adjusting my efforts to align with what readers prefer.


Appendices – Some background from the New Breed universe

Bonus Content – Extra material not part of the books

  1. Anonymous permalink

    I very much enjoyed your series about the Observers! I’m looking forward to the new series but won’t read the first till the second one becomes available for Kindle. A personal problem I’m sure but I rarely start any series until it’s complete. Although I admit I enjoyed rereading the first two Participants because it had been awhile before I discovered the third available, I will maintain my practice of waiting for a completed series. I read an average of five books a week but seldom review. I gave your first trilogy a five star review on Amazon and want to encourage you to get your work out as quickly as possible without compromising on quality

    • Hello, thanks for commenting! I love hearing feedback from readers. Unfortunately, the New Breed Series is on hold for the foreseeable future. Book 2 was 80% done, but the demand just isn’t there for me to justify the time investment required to complete a 5-novel arc. I’ll update this page to reflect the current status of the project so I don’t mislead anyone.

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