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Bonus Content

Scene Timeline – The date of each chapter, excepting retrospectives.


Coming soon:

  • Spacecraft – I’ll put the numbers out there for anyone who cares.  Stuff like the sizes of the various ships, their rates of rotation, centrifugal force calculations, etc..
  • Short stories from the history of the New Breed universe.  I want to show snapshots into interesting events such as the Religious Purges, the formation of the first Collectivist society, the rise of Human Hives, the fall of the Empire of Saturn (from the viewpoint of the revolutionaries), and the Cult of the Artifact.

I’ll add bonus content as I have time.  If any of the above strikes your interest, feel free to let me know in a comment and I will prioritize based on popular sentiment.

One Comment
  1. Stephen permalink

    I just finished The Tears of Things. I read where you wrote that the second was cancelled due to lack of interest. I like space opera’s. If you still have a draft laying around, I’d love to read it.

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