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Dramatis Personae

The Collective

Helen – Friend of the Weapon

Merlin – Renowned physicist

Marilyn – Attractive young woman

Andy – Large, friendly young man

Justin – Psychologist


The Empire

Gilgamesh – Emperor

Faust – Officer, Physics Department

Ishtar – Officer, Strategic Operations

Boswell – Head of servants for the Emperor

Ada – Officer, Intelligence

Commodus – Officer, Biological Sustainability

Brutus – Officer, Communications

Zack – Soldier on the advance party


The Theists

Parvati – School age girl

Ali – Muslim politician

Lakshmi – Muslim; sister of Parvati and wife of Ali

Esther – Hindu; Parvati’s mother

Mark – Hindu; Parvati’s father

Mary – School age girl, Parvati’s friend

Samuel – School age boy, Parvati’s crush

Abram – School age boy

Ablah – Jewish woman working in Orbital Engineering

Elijah – Jewish man working in Orbital Engineering

Aaron – Muslim Chair of the Ecumenical Council

Isaiah – Christian Chair of the Ecumenical Council

Jonah – Jewish Chair of the Ecumenical Council

Abigail – Hindu Chair of the Ecumenical Council



Gabriel Hendel – A man of mysterious origins

Moses Secundus – Builder of the Theist Vessel

The Weapon – Primitive alien creature

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